H&H Dealer Services offers full-service physical inventories of new car and truck dealerships. Counting, double checking the count, data entry, and all other tasks are done by our experienced personnel. The more senior of our personnel double check the bins following the initial count to keep errors to an absolute minimum. Dealership staff is only utilized for answering questions (parts identification, etcetera) and verification of the physical inventory variance. Every step of the inventory process leaves a paper trail should any questions arise during the final variance.

Annual/ Certified Physical Parts Inventory

  • Run all initial reports and prepare for the inventory
  • Process/ Print the count sheets
  • Count and the double check each in each bin
  • Compile the Work in Process through Service
  • Complete data entry/ count entry
  •  Input all write in/ mis-located part numbers
  • Print and Check the variance report, working with Dealership personnel to avoid errors
  • Print all final reports and update the inventory
  • Finalize with Parts Manager/ Dealership personnel and ensure location neater than before the inventory
  • Reconcile all saved information to provide to accounting to adjust the general ledger

Buy/Sell Inventory

  • Full physical inventory as shown above
  • Any additional or special requirements as part of the buy/sell will be taken in to account
  • Provide assistance and recommendations for any agreements between the seller and buyer (what will not be purchased, etc)
  • All documents or lists pertaining to the inventory are made available to their respective parties (aged or non-returnable parts not being purchased for example)

Additional Services

  • Parts Department moves
  • Reorganization/ sorting of department by part/ group number

Termination Parts Inventory/ Return

  • Full physical inventory as shown above
  •  Special consideration taken in to account (accounting for non-returnable parts, applying return labels, etc) per carline, as each OEM is different in their policies regarding returns
  • Optional picking and packing and labeling of parts


 More than 95% all inventories are accomplished in one day, and results are available within 3 business days of the inventory date. Inventories are done on weekends to avoid complicating the parts team’s business during the week and further reduce errors in the count. We do all sizes of dealerships from small town single-man parts operations to very large multi-franchise operations and dealership groups. The final report presented to the dealership representative (Owner, Controller, Parts Manager, etcetera) is detailed in order to facilitate the reconciliation of accounting with parts. All documents that are not processed through the business office at the time of the inventory are detailed for reconciliation with the general ledger in accounting. Post inventory observations and recommendations are discussed upon the inventory results meeting.

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